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4th October 2016

The bees didn't like AAAAAAAAAAAA [waluigi-vapes] uprooting AN ENTIRE TREE

29th September 2016

Woops, looks like Vann [vann-the-nowhere-man] got stung by bees today..

28th September 2016

Woops, looks like Poppy [t-o-z-z-i-e] got stung by bees today..

Oh! Looks like Dean [Aberona] has fallen into a pitfall trap! Wonder who set that up, maybe we'll have to check to see who's nearby..
(Aberona now has to draw Dean in the pitfall trap!)


27th September 2016

The start of the town noticeboard! Please add to this noticeboard to share information, remember to add your entry above the last one made so it's easier to read than having to scroll straight down.
If you're running an event or someone gets pitfalled, it'll appear here! You can also post here if you're selling items or searching for items. People can reply in the comments by writing the date they're commenting on or noting you to reply.

Remember to untick the minor edit part at the bottom while editing so it updates for everyone!
If you're unable to edit to add to the town noticeboard, just note ShiroAC and she'll add it for you~
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